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four-finger singer and his late wife, kate

A Novel of Life, Death & Baseball


Arthur D. Hittner


In the tradition of W.P. Kinsella’s Shoeless Joe (Field of Dreams) comes a darkly comic novel of life, love, death, and baseball.  The only son of overachieving parents, Jake Singer goes from left-handed Little League legend to pro baseball prospect at Stanford.  When a freak accident involving mob enforcers and a case of mistaken identity interrupts his budding career, he retreats to law school (“I’m not sure what’s worse: having your index finger forcibly amputated by a mob goon or spending three years at Harvard Law School”).  Years later in Cambridge, he meets Kate, lately arrived from Iowa, a perky twenty-year-old waitress with a secret past.  An unlikely romance blossoms into an unlikely marriage—one quickly plagued by a parade of blunders and revelations.  Haunted by her missteps and in the throes of leaving her husband, Kate suffers a catastrophic rendezvous with a runaway truck. While Jake finds solace in an improbable return to baseball, Kate transcends her sudden, tragic death, resolving to redeem herself posthumously, interceding in her widower’s life in a well-intentioned but often hilarious campaign to ensure his success on the ball field and in the bedroom.

Print ISBN: 978-0-9989810-4-8

Ebook ISBN: 978-0-9989810-5-5

286 pp. softcover (5.5 x 8.5) 2019

List Price $16.95 (print); $6.99 (ebook) 

Widely available

What critics say:
"Hittner's hit it out of the park with this droll, smart baseball romance. . . . Frothily darkly comic, Four-Finger Singer And His Late Wife, Kate is a perfect end-of-summer read."  
Christine Wald-Hopkins, Arizona Daily Star
"Five stars - beautifully written, imaginative, a delight to read."  

John Pearce, author of Treasure of Saint-Lazare, Last Stop: Paris and Finding Pegasus


"Four-Finger Singer And His Late Wife, Kate is a not-to-miss novel of 2019.  Once again, Hittner threatens to steal the top of my favorite books of the year list.."  
The Uncorked Librarian
"As with all the most engaging baseball fiction . . . I simply could not put this book down until I'd raced to the end."
Mike Shannon, Spitball Magazine
"This is an engaging, light-hearted book about redemption and the pursuit of the American Dream – with a twist....a well-written book."
Mike Reuther, Baseballbooks
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